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Breath of Life


Nanxi Mo

Sound Design & Mixing (Short Film)

In a world ravaged by air pollution, where only one tree remains, a resilient tree spirit dedicates each day to gathering the tree's essence, revitalizing the withered surroundings. However, relentless factory emissions jeopardize his last refuge. Facing this dire threat, what choices will he make?

Kizazi Moto:

Generation Fire



Sound Design for Episode 10 'Enkai'

Ten African creators present stories featuring new worlds of advanced technology, spirits and much more.

Tomodachi Friends


The Tomodachi Company

Mixing & Sound Design (Series)

Join the adventures with brand new Tomodachi Friends episodes every week, as they learn healthy habits, build things together, help each other when there is trouble, make tasty treats, and live in harmony on their new planet! Friends are forever in Tomodachi Town!